kyste de l’épididyme


Epididymal cyst is a disease that can occur at any age. The epididymis is a male organ located at the level of the wall of the testis. Each man has 2 epididymis. Each epididymis borders the upper and posterior surface of each testis.

What is an epididymal cyst?

Cysts of the epididymis are benign tumors of unknown origin. They are in the form of regular and painless swellings (single or multiple), at the head of the epididymis. It is the most common swelling in the testicle. If you have an epididymal cyst, your doctor has probably told you that the only solution is surgery.
Indeed, for modern medicine, the only possible solution is to remove the lesion by surgical opening of the bursa.
It is often a mistake because an operation leaves consequences. We offer here a herbal treatment to remove epididymal cysts without surgery.

Dawabio’s Natural Remedy for Epididymis Cyst

Herbal tea to remove cysts from the epididymis and testicles is a vasculoprotective and venotonic. It heals cysts successfully by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. It is the perfect solution to avoid the surgical operation.

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Here is the advice we give you if you have an epididymal cyst

Favor an alkaline diet, this helps reduce inflammation and therefore pain. Go for grains, eggs, meat and legumes, and even nuts.
Doctors believe that masturbation is also great because you are removing any sperm that may accumulate. A frequency is recommended, it should not be exceeded 4 times a week. Otherwise, the reverse occurs, as the cyst grows larger.
The urethra should be cleaned regularly and the best way is to drink water. When the urinary tract becomes infected, the cyst tends to grow larger. Take small sips regularly throughout the day, even if you are not thirsty.

Pumpkin seeds are also recommended, as they contain magnesium, phosphorus, but also zinc.
Sometimes you just need to change your diet to see a clear improvement. So take tomatoes which are known to slow the growth of this cyst that develops in the testicles. On the other hand, acidic products such as sodas, coffee and sugars should be avoided. If you do not want to suppress their consumption, it is recommended to reduce it as much as possible.

You can contact us by whatsapp at +33644661758 or at +22990312738 direct calls and whatsapp

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