Grandma’s Recipes: How To Get Pregnant Faster

Our grandmothers know a lot. Each time, they have a lot of advice and they give it to us without looking back. However, some of their advice quite coincides with the recommendations that we can hear from professional doctors.

Let’s see what a woman who wants to get pregnant can adopt from the rich arsenal of our ancestors.

Dawabio’s natural remedy to get pregnant easily and quickly

plante et racines médicinale pour soigner l'infertilité féminine

The effects of herbal remedies for treating female infertility problems (anovulation, early menopause, blocked tubes, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, miscarriage) have been proven by studies and hundreds of years of use. Here we are going to offer you a mixture of African plants, roots and bark that will help you heal your infertility. It has already enabled many women all over the world to become mothers. If your dearest dream is to become a mom this year, these are the plants you need. What allows us to have excellent results is that we produce all these plants and roots ourselves and that we select only the best plants so that they retain all their therapeutic and medicinal virtues.

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Supplement your diet with fats

If you are planning a pregnancy, you need a little more fat than usual. Of course, we are talking about polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in oily fish, for example, salmon or herring, vegetable oil (for example, olive or flaxseed), nuts. Dairy and fermented products with normal fat content are also helpful. In order to supplement their diet with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, some women choose special nutritional supplements. Please  consult your physician  before purchasing these products.

Rely on buckwheat

In the Maghreb countries (i.e., Western Sahara, Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya), buckwheat has special importance in preparing for the conception of an heir. And it’s no secret that it contains a lot more vitamins and nutrients than other grains we’re used to. We especially note the fact that buckwheat can help prevent anemia. Only it should be consumed without milk (the calcium in milk and the iron in buckwheat interfere with each other because it has to be absorbed by the body). In addition to traditional buckwheat porridge, pancakes or any other baked goods made from buckwheat flour are also suitable.

Eat green vegetables

Green vegetables, cabbage, and root vegetables such as carrots and turnips have the best health benefits. Coarse fibers are not absorbed by the body and help to remove harmful substances from it. And since health is at its best, pregnancy won’t have to wait long.

Drink herbal infusions

A relaxing herbal drink containing, for example, chamomile and lavender, to unwind after a day’s work and get a ton of flavor. Among the popular recipes for those who want to get pregnant faster, you can find tips for drinking sage, highland uterus, white plantain. Be very careful with the herbs. They cannot be used during menstruation; there are also contraindications associated with diseases of certain organs. Often pregnancy does not occur due to a lack of vitamin E. If you are an opponent of drugstore products, lean on pumpkin, sea buckthorn and rose petals.

Plant flowers

Namely, geranium. White geranium essential oils are believed to have a beneficial effect on the health of women. It is also recommended to start a ficus tree and begin to care for it. Here, apparently, we are talking about how to distract yourself for a while to take your thoughts away from pregnancy and move on to another interesting activity. “Free up mental space”, so to speak.

Gynecologists agree that before pregnancy, a family eating behavior should be established, a healthy menu should be developed, and special vitamins should be taken, at least vitamin E and folic acid. No one will argue that polyunsaturated fatty acids in reasonable amounts will not benefit pregnant women and any other woman: they will preserve the beauty of your skin, hair and nails. And without whole grains and complete protein, a healthy diet is unthinkable. The soothing herbal teas will keep the nerves and bring peace to the house, while the green plants will make the house cozy.

But it is also preferable at first to resort to modern means of preparation for pregnancy. Namely, check your state of health (paying special attention to the thyroid gland, teeth, spine, kidneys) to avoid unnecessary unpleasant surprises during pregnancy, learn to determine ovulation and start to take the vitamins recommended by your doctor.

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