plantes pour traiter la gonorrhée

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  • tisane contre gonorrhée

    We can count on plants to support us in the treatment of this disease. The plants contained in our treatment have been selected among the best to fight against bacteria. Indeed, in addition to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties, they also have “antibiotic” properties. It is a misnomer to use this term because they do not work like conventional antibiotics. They will create an unfavorable environment for the growth and survival of the bacteria. This will make it easier for our body's immune system and synthetic antibiotics to destroy the most resistant strains.

    The advantage with this method is that it avoids prolonged use of antibiotics which can promote resistance in the bacteria. In addition, synthetic antibiotics can significantly affect our intestinal flora. Our natural remedy has several properties which can be helpful in eradicating the infection.
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